Hunting Cougars!

The great thing about MeetAMilf is the thrill of the chase. Even with our huge memberbase of thousands of hot and horny older women that are looking to met younger guys, it still takes a bit of effort and gentle persuasion to get your naughty hookup arranged with the MILF you choose.

Any dating site that tells you that as soon as you sign up a large group of busty women instantly form a queue at your door begging for your supple, young body is quite simply exaggerating. Finding sex with an experienced lady takes a bit of class, a bit of tact. The reward when it arrives will blow your mind, but the chase won't be too bad either. Sexy instant chats and webcam meets are a great way to move things forward fast and keep you busy before the real and kinky fun starts.

There's nothing quite like the thrill of getting that first flirty reply from a cougar or MILF that you've sent a message to. The heart quickens, your breathing becomes more intense, you realise that after sending a few messages to different well-conditioned older women, you're now on your way to the promised land. The next stage is crucial – mess this up and you're left waiting for the next reply. Get it right and you'll be banging her by the weekend. The stakes are high, and the chase is on.

We've put together some guidelines to prevent any common rookie mistakes that can stop cubs missing the chance to catch the cougar(s) they desire. No need to thank us, just remember to give us a thought when you're lying in bed beside a hot MILF and enjoying a few moments of rest after the BEST SEX OF YOUR LIFE!

  • The scope – When searching, make sure you look for women that are in your local area, unless you're only looking for sex chat/ webcam sessions. In order to set up in-person meetings, you need to focus your efforts on the single older ladies that are within travel distance.
  • Taking a shot – When contacting cougars, don't send one liners and don't copy & paste. These women are smart and experienced (that's why you love them!) and were being chatted up by guys your age before you knew what your meat and two veg was really for. Take your time to look at the MILFs profile and make sure you comment in your message about something relevant to her – something specific about her appearance maybe (earrings, items of clothing, etc) or a details she gives in her profile. This tells her you're not scared of a bit of effort and patience when it comes to getting what you want.
  • First contact – After you get your reply from the cougar you want to have sex with, try to set up a time to enjoy a webcam chat together or even some instant messaging on our Meet A Milf no-strings dating site. This is far better than waiting hours for a reply and let's things move a bit faster towards the naughty climax!
  • The pay off – Once you've discussed an offline date and arranged a suitable place she's comfortable with (depending on the woman you're chatting to this could be anything from a restaurant to a hotel room), make sure you're at your best. Looks arent vital to these women but effort is, so be the best version of yourself. Don't be scared of the nerves, that's all part of the dating game. And don't be pushy when the time comes, our huge Cougar database have joined Meet A Milf because they believe the guys they'll get to have one night stands with are youthful, energetic and ready to worship their sexy older bodies. Take your time and let your class shine through and she'll be more likely to suggest a second date to keep you busy until your next Cougar is caught in your net!
Remember lads, treat our female members with the respect they deserve and if you see anyone you know it's important to respect their privacy.
Play safe ;-)

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